How to choose the best kind of hair extensions updated 2021

In 2021 the hair extensions market has grown very fast There are several types of hair extensions available, and each one offers its own benefits.

Hair extensions are a very popular accessory worn by celebrities and the everyday woman. Wearing hair extensions has become as common as putting on jewelry or wearing makeup. To achieve different looks, women choose different textures and lengths of hair that complement their facial features and moods. Read on to learn how to choose hair extensions.

Here is a complete guide on choosing the best kind of hair extensions.

What are Hair Extensions Made Of?

According to materials used in hair extensions are animal hair, synthetic and human hair. After reading this you will be able to choose the best kind of hair extensions.

Animal hair Extensions

Animal hair extensions are made by yak and horse hairs. These animals’ hair are much thicker and harder than the human. These extensions are easily recognizable in appearance if there is a good percentage of human hair it’s a bit more difficult to recognize. Hairs of these two animals take and hold the color very well.

Artificial or synthetic hair Extensions

The artificial or synthetic hairs are good in appearance and quality. Mostly polyester fibers are used for manufacturing of artificial synthetic hair extension. Some Chinese manufacturers are offering synthetic hair extensions. These extensions can sustain the low temperature for a short period of time. The synthetic fibers have a very untypical shine. As a whole, the synthetic hair extensions are very economical as compared to other extensions.

Human hair Extensions

The biggest benefit of the natural hair extensions is that they look like your hair. Natural human hair extensions have a very long life. Price of human hair extensions is high as compared to synthetic one. Mostly human hair used in hair extensions are imported from Asia (India, China) and Europe.


Determine what hairstyle you want to wear. For a curly style, you would choose textured hair. For a glamorous look with curls, choose the wet-and-wavy hair. For a straight look, choose the silky straight, Remi, or the yaki straight hair.

Determine your budget. The cost of hair extensions varies greatly depending on quality, availability, and textures. Deciding what your budget well ahead of time helps to avoid any cost surprises and unnecessary expense.

Match the hair extension color as close to your natural hair as possible. This makes the weave hair extension appear to be natural and not look like a “wig.” For a complimentary color in your hair, choose a streaked or highlighted extension. Apply the color extension highlights subtly to keep the natural look.

Shop for quality hair extensions at local beauty supply stores or online beauty supply retailers. Ensure that the retailer, offline or online, specializes in selling hair extensions. Don’t purchase hair extensions from suppliers who “happen” to sell hair. The quality won’t be the same.

Treat hair extensions just as you would natural hair. Take great care to shampoo and gently comb the hair extensions in between uses.

There are 5 types of hair extensions.

 types of hair extensions
5 types of hair extensions

1. Tape in Hair Extensions

The most popular and seamless method of hair extensions is Tape in Hair Extensions

This method is applied using either double or single-sided polyurethane tape. Girls with extremely thin hair may need a single panel applied with single-sided tape.

Application Time: 1-2 hours

Durability: 2 months

Cost$: 200-$ 500 +

Maintenance required: every 5 to 6 week

2. Glue/ Keratin Bond Hair Extensions/fusion

Keratin bond hair extensions are attached to the hair using a heating tool. Hairdresser uses a heating tool to make keratin glue melting, where your own hair is placed and sealed between the melt U-tip keratin. The keratin bonds are attached close to the root of your hair they leave some space to allow natural movement of your hair.

Application Time: 4-6 hours

Durability: 2 months

Cost$: 120-$ 1000 +

Maintenance Required: every 3 to 6 months

3. Sew-in/ Weave Hair Extensions

 A two to four inches wide hair weft is applied to the hair in rows. Hair wefts can be applied using tape-in or sew-in/weave hair extensions

Application Time: 1-2 hours

Durability: 6-8 weeks

Cost $: 100-$ 1000 +

Maintenance required: 2 to 5 hours depending on type of extensions and how many additions you are putting in

4. Micro Beads Hair Extensions

Micro beads hair extension method is where small pieces of your hair are pulled through a small bead or lock and clamped shut with hair extension pliers.

Application Time: 4+ hours

Durability: 3-4 months

Cost$: 500-$ 800 +

Maintenance Required: every 6 to 8 months

5. Clip-Ins Hair Extensions

It is a temporary hair extension method; Clip in hair extensions is a method where wefts of hair are applied using small clips with silicon. If you don’t want to use your hair extension on a daily basis, clip in hair extensions is a better choice for you. Clip in hair extensions are suitable for special events or parties can be removed before bedtime.

Application Time: 5-10 Minutes

Durability: Depends on the frequency of use

Cost Low Quality: $ 20- $ 30

High Quality: $ 90-$ 500+

Maintenance required: Clip INS hair extensions requires no maintenance

I hope that this article has been helpful to you and you will recognize natural hair extension as the best kind of hair extensions from synthetic extensions. My advice is to purchase hair extensions from a seller with a good reputation who offers only natural human hair extensions with good quality.