What to keep in mind to take care of your extensions in the summer?

The heat and the good weather are already with us and it seems that they have come to stay. So take care of your hair extensions in the summer. Summer is a time that everyone likes, the days get longer and the pool and the beach become the most desired destinations. But, women who wear natural hair extensions know that this is a time when you have to take care of them a little more and be altered so that the hair does not spoil. 

Dryness or a dull appearance in our hair is something that we do not want to happen and that heat can cause.

 Therefore, in our extension centres, we always remember that it is important to have good hydration in summer and to use conditioners and nourishing masks, at least once a week. 

But if you prefer to go on vacation with the perfect hair and extensions, our professionals will be happy to assist you, so make an appointment as soon as possible at your nearest Play Extensions centre and receive a specific treatment to strengthen and nourish your hair with extensions. and he wears great hair in summer. 

Kerastase products to take care of your hair extensions in the summer

Between the sun, the chlorine in the pool, or the saltpetre from the sea, hair can suffer a lot in the summer months. Maintaining a perfect look is the ideal goal, but you have to be aware that, to achieve it, care and maintenance are essential. Do not let lack of time or little desire prevent you from taking care of your hair as it deserves. 

Heat and sweat can cause you to wash your hair more often in summer, so it is essential to use suitable shampoos to take care of the scalp and that the hair is always hydrated. At Play Extensions, we allow you to buy Kerastase products, which have the perfect solution to show off perfect hair. 

For example, we have Kerastase’s Botanical Aura range, which offers effective care to enhance natural hair that is slightly devitalized and thus gives it a healthy shine. This range has shampoos, conditioners, and masks that will make your hair look spectacular. 

A good shampoo is important, but being able to complement it with the use of conditioners is ideal to achieve the desired effect. The recommendation is to apply it from medium to ends every day and twice a week to apply a mask that gives you the extra nutrition that your hair needs. 

We recommend the UV Defense Active sun mask, it helps you rebuild hair after sun exposure. Applying it after each wash from medium to ends, you will get more hydrated hair. 

In addition to using suitable hair washing products, prior care is also important. Thanks to this we protect our hair as much as possible from the sun. In addition to wearing accessories such as a cap or a scarf, you can opt for sunscreen. We offer you Kerastase Brume Hour Protectrice 2, which protects colored hair from the sun especially. 

So now you know, take care of your hair this summer, protect it from the sun and chlorine, and always wear an incredible look. If you are thinking of a new style for your holidays or you need to prepare your hair, make an appointment at our centres and get the best natural hair extensions on the market. 


How do you keep extensions in good condition?

  1. Make sure you wash your extensions properly
  2. If the extensions are wet, never sleep with them
  3. Be sure to brush extensions carefully
  4. Regularly schedule a conditioning session
  5. Prevent heat damage
  6. When you sleep, do not tangle your hair
  7. You should separate The Bonds Daily

What is the best heat protectant for extensions?

  1. .A spray that protects from heat. MORROCANOIL…
  2. Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Hair Spray Tressemme.
  3. Heat Protectant Cantu Thermal Shield. …
  4. Weightless Healing Dry Oil of Moroccan Argan Oil …
  5. Heat and UV protection from Drybar Hot Toddy. …
  6. Heat Protectant Spray by ArtNaturals. …
  7. spray-on Heat Protectant from ghd

How can I make my extensions last longer?

The following are a few additional ways you can prolong the life of tape-in hair extensions in addition to brushing. Care for your hair properly with premium products.  Deter tangles by using a leave-in conditioner. Take frequent showers (yes, you can swim and shower with tape-in extensions).

What should you not use in extensions?

  • Shampoos containing sulfates. Whenever you use clip-in hair extensions or any hair extension, avoid using shampoos with sulphates. …
  • Bleach. You should not use bleach with clip-in hair extensions, either. …
  • Brushes with normal bristles. Have you been brushing your hair extensions with your everyday brush?
  • Alcohol-containing products

Final words

Enjoy yourself first. All of these precautions will save your hair extensions from damage and help you enjoy this summer without worry. If you want to treat them like normal hair, you should do the same. Here are some tips,  take care of your extensions in the summer to keep your locks lush and healthy all season long. This is a great idea!