How to put in hair extensions in short hair: A complete guide for all ages 2022

If you’re a fan of short hair, you’ll probably want to change up your style sometimes. But there is a question, How to put in hair extensions in short hair? So we are here to tell you some tips and tricks on how you can set up extensions at home.

Choosing the right extensions for you, applying them, and styling them are the steps needed to wear extensions. Is there anything that a girl can do? There is a solution – clip-in hair extensions, which allow you to achieve the best of both worlds – both short and long hair – without commitment and without destroying your hair.

The best extensions to use are clip-in extensions, but there are several types available. Experiment with different colors, or gain some length with wings temporarily. This is because short hair blends in more effortless, and they are easier to do at home. 

Here are some tips about how to put in hair extensions in short hair

Our favorite travel and lifestyle YouTuber, Pia Muehlenbeck, is here to share the best tips and tricks for clipping in and blending hair extensions with short hair (even a lob). 

It is part of Pia’s identity to have a lob (long bob), but if you follow her on Instagram, you’ll notice that her hair length changes from short to long instantly between photos.

 Whenever Pia desires, she can have her long hair back with the help of hair extensions. She has become adept at blending hair extensions into her short hair. 

With hair extensions for short hair, you can seamlessly transition from short hair to long hair. For a step-by-step guide, scroll down.

1. Choose a relatively short length.

Mainly if your hair is short, shorter extensions seem more natural. Choose extensions that are approximately 40 to 45 centimeters long (around 16 to 18 inches). In the case of hair that is longer than chin length[1], you can choose even shorter extensions.

  • If your extensions are too long, you can cut them yourself or get a stylist to cut them.


In her natural hair, Pia blends two different sets of colours. A mixed effect is created by layering wefts from the 220g Ombre Chestnut and 220g Ombre Blonde Sets on top of each other. No matter what, if you are using a single set, pick the heaviest 220g set. It will allow you to transition from the shorter pieces to the longer ones seamlessly.

Before clipping in your extensions, brush your hair with a Loop Hair Extensions Brush


You can use this hack to blend hair extensions with short hair to hide those pesky shorter pieces at the nape of your neck. Clip the rest of the hair and only leave a tiny bit of it at the bottom. 

To pin flat against the nape of your following, backcomb the rest of this section and twist or braid it. It’s here where you’ll clip your first extension.


Her Luxy Hair extensions are two sets of 220g Ombre Chestnut and 220g Ombre Blonde. Pia attained two crucial extensions challenges with these sets: blending half-toned hair extensions with short hair and combining half-toned hair extensions with highlights. Adding dimension and depth to the hair by using two different colours tricks the eye. To add colour, you can also use balayage hair extensions.

When clipping in the extensions, alternate the two colours to achieve a seamless blend. Bonuses? Using this method, you will get sun-kissed highlights on your hands without having to spend any time outdoors! 

5. Increase grip by tussling the roots

If your hair is more delicate, you may find that you need a little extra hold at the roots. Try backcombing your natural hair if you want it to be more grippable.


When you clip them in, you want as much of your short hair covered by the hair extensions. 

As such, you will find that your extensions sit much higher on your head than they do on most women. Clip-in as many hair extensions as you can until you’ve reached the top of your head. 


To cover up all her shorter layers, Pia uses one long mega-weft, which wraps around the back of her head. The point on your head where your brows meet will be the widest; connect two 3-clip wefts side by side. In the back, they will overlap slightly, and it placed beside each other.

At the back of your hair, clip in your last four clip wefts the same way. It allows you to have one cohesive weft that covers all the other wefts in your hair.


To make the sections in front of her face shorter, Pia cut both of her 3-clip wefts. We recommend taking your Luxy Hair extensions to a professional hairstylist cut since they’re made with 100% Remy human hair so that they can style just like your own natural hair! It creates layers that frame the face and blend more naturally into shorter layers.

In addition, clip your clip wefts wherever you feel they need more volume and length. Some of Pia’s favorites go behind her ears. It would help to begin with the darker shades and then put in the lighter ones closest to your face.

9. Add wave and curls to your design. 

Curling your extensions before you apply them can save you time. Hair extension carriers make it easy and quick to curl your extensions.

 It isn’t so difficult to do this if you have done it before! Your natural hair will blend with the extensions with just a few curls.

 Use a straightener if necessary to curl any shorter ends inward once you clip the wefts in. To achieve a seamless transition, twist the top layer of your hair. 

How long is your hair? How do you wear extensions the best? You are welcome to tell us what you think in the comments.

10.  Can use shine serums

A straight, synthetic extension is a perfect option. Human hair is usually shinier than synthetic hair extensions.

 Make sure that you use a shine serum. In order to make sure you use a shine serum. It can be sprayed all over the hair and styled as usual.


This article discusses ten tips and tricks for knowing how to put in hair extensions on short hair. Using these tips, you can easily install an extension at home, saving you both time and money. You can easily manage hair extensions if you follow these steps. We tried our best to tell you.


  1. Can you put hair extensions in really short hair?
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Short hair extensions are attached to your hair with glue half an inch from the scalp. Micro and pre-bonded extensions are the best hair extensions for thick, short hair. Steven Mathew wrote them. You might not only achieve longer natural hair by using this method.

  1. How do you hide extensions in very short hair?
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  1. Clip or tie the majority of your hair on top of your head.

2. Using the hair underneath your extensions, tie a ponytail. 

3. Apply for your extensions as usual with the rest of your hair down.

3. What type of extensions are best for short hair?

A clip in hair extension would be the ideal hair extension for short hair. You can find clip-in sets in many thicknesses and lengths so that you can find the perfect one for your hair type and needs.

4. How can I make my extensions look real in short hair?

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Add volume to the sides by using the smaller hair extension wefts. Clip-in extensions blend best in short hair when the wefts are strategically placed to look natural while covering as much of the natural hair as possible with the wings.

5. What extensions look the most natural?

The most natural look can achieve with micro-rings or I-tips. They are attached directly to the natural hair; these extensions are placed in small strands, clamped down on the natural hair using heat.

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