How to put in clip in hair extensions yourself:Incredible 5 quick and easiest steps 2022

 How to put in clip-in hair extensions yourself? Many women are nervous or unsure about hair extensions because they’re unfamiliar with them. Clip-in hair extensions are a cheap, easy, and comfortable way to look like you have long tresses.

 You will see for yourself after reading this post and watching the video how easy it is to transform your hair into long, voluminous locks in just minutes without damaging it.

  Now let’s get to it. See this article for instructions on using them. For text instructions, scroll down or watch the video.

What tools will you need for how to put in clip-in hair extensions yourself?

  • Clip-in hair extensions with your complete set
  • Brushes for loop hair extensions or soft paddle brushes
  • Signature Curler by Luxy Hair
  • A luxurious hair extension styler
  • Kits and rattail combs for application
  • Mirror

Step 1

Your hair extensions should match your natural hair. 

In other words, your hair extensions should match both the color and texture/style of your natural hair.

  • If your extensions are curly or wavy, the natural hair should be curled. A flat iron can help you achieve a sleek look with wings that are pin-straight.
  • Use a heat-protecting product like Argon oil to protect your hair from the potential damage to hot styling tools.

Step 2: 

You should brush your hair.

Brush your hair thoroughly with a soft paddle brush or a Luxy Hair Loop Extensions brush to remove any tangles.

Step 3

Make two sections of hair. 

Then, section the top part of your hair with a hair tie or clip and secure it with a hair tie or hair clip. From the right temple to the left, draw a horizontal line.

  • To tease your hair, gently separate one-inch sections of the lower half of your head with a comb if your hair is skinny. As a result, the extensions will remain securely in place.

Step 4

Clip your extensions open.

 Snap the clips into place by aligning the tops of the hair extensions with the horizontal part you’ve made.

  • In addition to larger pieces, some clips-in hair extensions come in multiple smaller pieces. Use one clip-on at a time, making sure you distribute them evenly in your hair part if you are using various clips.
  • Starting at the top row of clips near your part, gradually work your way down to the lower clips near your nape of the neck if your clip-on is one large piece.

Step 5

Let go of the top section of your hair. To blend your clip-on extensions with your natural hair, gently tousle your hair. Have fun!

A guide to hair extensions

Hair extensions that clip in are quickly gaining popularity. These extensions that are clip-ins are beneficial in many ways. When adequately instructed and practiced, applying the extensions is relatively easy.

Extensions come in countless brands, styles, weights, and lengths. Compare and find extensions that most closely match the color and texture of your natural hair.

 A typical clip-in set measures fourteen to twenty-two inches long. It depends on the brand whether you purchase 6 or 10 pieces. A weft is also known as a strip of hair.

Depending on the number of wefts included in your package, plus your natural hair’s length and texture, you may need to adjust your application. 

In the case of a fragile head of hair, you might not be able to use all of your wefts, while in the case of a very thick head of hair, you might need to buy additional wefts to achieve a natural look.

 One or two test strips without clips are also included with quality clips in hair extensions. To match your natural hair color better with your extensions, you will need to test hair dye before purchasing.

Frequently asked questions

Can you do clip-in extensions at home?

As you can do the application yourself at home, you will not have to worry about damaging your hair if you choose clip-in hair extensions.

Can you wear clip-in hair extensions every day?

Clip-in extensions will give you more volume and oomph to your daily look if you are looking for more volume. Wearing these types of hair extensions every day is safe and accessible because they are incredibly safe.

How long do clip-in hair extensions stay in?

Natural and synthetic hair extensions last a long time. Human hair clip-ins can last approximately 12 months if you take excellent care of them.

 However, they only last 3 to 6 months when used moderately and without proper care. As with your natural hair, they also need care and attention.

How are permanent hair extensions put in?

Adding hair extensions to your hair (3-12 months)

The hair is attached to our natural hair using micro-bonds, which are small wefts of hair attached to our natural hair in small sections. Since they can last for up to four months, they are a significant commitment.

Do clip-in hair extensions fall out easily?

It should not fall out when you wear extensions. You must remove your extensions every night to prevent damage to your hair and extensions.

How much do clip-in hair extensions cost?

In a nutshell, clip-in hair extensions attach to your hair and allow you to add length quickly and easily without any hassle. Depending on your personal preference, clip-ins can cost anywhere from $85 to $400.

What are the least damaging hair extensions?

Since clip-in hair extensions are easy to use and remove, they are less damaging than permanent extensions, which can interfere with your lifestyle and damage your hair.

Can you cut the clip in hair extensions in half?

Do clip-on extensions need to be cut in half? Definitely, to see how it will look, clip it in your hair first, then cut it so that it will be level with your hair.

Final thoughts

We have discussed how to put in clip-in hair extensions yourself? We give you complete and easy guidelines to put your extensions yourself to save your time and money. 

Various salons charge an extremely high amount, so we tried our best to show you some steps you can follow at home. 

Clip-in extensions can be used and removed quickly and are a less damaging alternative to permanent extensions, which may interfere with your lifestyle and damage your hair.