How to french braid hair with extensions: This is what professionals do 2022

Let me explain how to french braid hair with wings using a straightforward method.

Check out this tutorial on braiding extensions so that they won’t be visible. As long as you are familiar with french braiding, clipping in the wings is quick and easy.

 French braids are my favorite hairstyles because they are efficient and make your hair look cute! Whether you are trying to add volume to your braids or add long braids to your short hair, this guide is for you! Click here if you need instructions on how to do a French braid.

Let me show you how to french braid hair with extensions step-by-step guide 

The process will take 15 to 20 minutes.


IST step. Part your hair in two sections down the back of your head

 Step 2. Taking a curved section of hair 

Step 3: Remove the clip from the top of the hair

Step 4: Clip the three clips onto the curve

Step 5: That’s how it looks from the side

Step 6: The hair extension section plus some hair underneath

Step 7: Insert two clips

Step 8: Bring the top of your hair to the front and clip in a one clip extension.

Step 9. Make a French braid with your hair. 

Step 10: Make sure the flyaways are in place with some hairspray

Step 11: Follow steps 2-10 on the other side

Step 12: You’re all done

French braid types

Can do two types of braids

Fishtail braid – Dutch

Dutch braids are pretty simple since you need to bring all three sections under one another instead of tying them together. It gives off a neat appearance.

Fishtail braid

The French braid is similar to this. Initially, it was called Grecian braid, which is the name it held in the 19th century. When braiding a fishtail braid, you divide the hair into two instead of three sections. The hair from each area should take for each braid.


Can you french braid your hair with hair extensions?

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You can do french braids by twisting each outside piece over rather than bringing it over the middle. Don’t worry if you have hair extension bonds and cannot adjust their position to fit the centre-parting!

Can you braid hair with tape extensions?

It usually lasts a couple of weeks for weft glue to dry but about two months for a tape-in bond.  There are still ways to wear your hair up, down, in ponytails and braids.

Can you braid your hair with Halo extensions?

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For braided hairstyles, the halo extension is best. This hairstyle is easy, won’t damage your hair and is one of the best because the halo sits low on the back of the head and under the hair so that any braided hairstyle can hide the halo.

 Can really short hair be braided?

How should short hair be braided? Several braids to try if you have short hair, including cornrows, mini braids, and French braids. No matter how long or short your hair is, these styles work.

 Can short hair be Cornrowed?

Can short hair be cornrowed? A cornrow should have a minimum of three inches of hair. Adding extensions and cornrows can add length to short hair if you have them.

Can tape-in extensions cause bald spots?

When tape-in extensions remove, they will likely be damaged to your hair, which could cause hair loss.

As a result, hair can appear thinner, frizzy where the hair has broken along the shaft due to this process.