6 hair extensions tips and advice to avoid making mistakes

Here we are going to discuss hair extensions tips and advice, how you can maintain your beauty with style. Today many girls want to wear hair extensions and do not go to specialized extensions centres. They end up in the hairdresser that catches them closest and they are put in the hands of hairdressers who do not know the proper techniques to correctly place extensions.

It is important to note that nothing better than a professional expert in extensions to fulfil your dream of having hair. Putting yourself in the hands of the best is essential to show off incredible and healthy hair.

In summary, we would like to give you some information that we believe is KEY. 6  tips not to make a mistake with your hair extensions and that you do not have any scare with which you have to put your hands to your head.

Take good notes of tips and advice for hair extensions they will be great for you!

You want to know hair extensions tips and advice to look beautiful

 hair extensions tips and advice

1. ALWAYS choose hairdressing salons with experience in the placement of natural hair extensions such as the extension centres of Play Extension.

If you are from the capital, you are in luck because Play Extension has five extension centres in Madrid: the extensions room at Paseo de la Habana, the extensions room at CC La Vaguada, extensions room at CC Príncipe Pío, extension room at CC El Ferial, and the new recently opened room at CC La Gavia. So you have a choice so you can go to the one that suits you best, you no longer have an excuse!

If you do not reside in Madrid, we also have an extension centre in Barcelona and an extension centre in Bilbao. Therefore, if you live in one of these locations, putting on good-quality hair extensions is very easy. Go to their professionals and let yourself be advised by the best to achieve a new look.

2. Make sure that they are advising you well on the most recommended extension system depending on the nature of your hair and your lifestyle. It is important to choose the best one, the adhesive extensions may be the most recommended for you or it can also be the clip extensions, the professionals will help you with whatever you need.

You’ll find out as soon as you talk to the hairdresser. If you notice that she takes her time and is meticulous, she wants the best solution for you above all … you are in good hands.

3. If you are going to use extensions for an event, for example,  opt for clip extensions that in the end are the most comfortable and easy solution.

If you’re still not sure that natural hair extensions might be for you, try clip-in extensions first. They are the fastest solution to achieve length, volume … or whatever you want.

Wearing them for a season you can start to get used to it and, later,  decide on a fixed system of extensions such as adhesive extensions. If you are not sure, in this article we will tell you the main reasons to switch to adhesive extensions.

4. Use suitable products for the maintenance of the extensions both for washing and for daily styling. As well as special brushes for extensions that ensure that your hair always looks perfect.

Only then will you get fantastic results. Otherwise, you risk your extensions getting tangled, lacking in shine … and in the end, you will end up sorry. If you are not aware of what products to use, do not worry because that is what the Play Extension stylists are for.

They will recommend the best ones and in any of their centres you can buy all the products, you will not have to travel to do so. What’s more, we make it easier for you and in our online store you can buy the extension care products you need.

5. Always demand a guarantee on your extensions. Play Extension is the only company that offers a 6-month warranty on adhesive extensions and a 3-month warranty on all other extension systems.

We guarantee that nowhere else will they give you a guarantee. We are committed to our clients because we only want the best for them. May they be satisfied with the quality of our products and our work.

6. Finally, it will be of vital importance to make a punctual visit to our specialized extension centres where they will take care of cleaning and maintenance in general.

Trying to apply for the extensions yourself at home or take care of the reuse yourself can be a very expensive mistake. Let the professionals advise you, they will help you and make your extensions always perfect.


What are the worst hair extensions for your hair?

Extensions made from braided wefts and keratin fusion extensions. For this reason, they are the WORST methods of adding hair and that you should use anything else aside from them. The wefts of hair are sewed into the braided rows of your natural hair which covers your entire head.

What is the safest method of hair extensions?

Hair clips and hair weaves

In addition to being extremely safe, weaving is also very durable. The hair wefts will be sewn to your natural hair after it has been braided.

Can you wear your hair up with extensions?

Yes! Almost anything you do in your everyday life without damaging hair extensions is fine. You can wear your hair in any style, exercise it, and wear it up or down. You can also put your weft, tape, and micro bead extensions into a ponytail with no visible evidence of application!

Final thoughts

These hair extensions tips and advice will allow you to enjoy longer-lasting, thicker, and fuller extensions.Definitely. The best choice is to go with human hair. Only purchase from reputable companies to ensure good quality. Synthetic hair is usually shinier, has an unnatural feel, and does not hold shape like human hair.” Don’t try to cut costs on this if you want great results! You should hire a certified extension specialist and get high-quality, natural hair extensions.

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