Complete Guide and Pros And Cons Of Clip In Hair Extensions

Clip-in hair extensions are increasingly gaining popularity among beauty enthusiasts, ordinary individuals, and celebrities. Each of them never fails to show up in sporting hairstyles that look different from their previous public or television appearances.

Ever been curious about how they can change their looks as often as they wanted to or how they get to be an object of envy because of their style? A key to that style success is their use of clip-in hair extensions.

These differently colored hair extensions come in various styles, lengths, and products that ensure you create a new trendy hairdo every time you walk out of your house!

Clip-in hair extensions can allow you to have long hair, increase your hair volume, and get highlights in just a matter of minutes! Although there are some pros and cons of clip-in hair extensions, they are worth buy.

Gone are the days when you used to be so envious of celebrities with their trendy hairstyles. Stagger your friends and be the apple among everyone’s eyes this time!

Pros And Cons Of Clip In Hair Extensions

Like anything you do regarding beauty to get the best look for you, it is always wise to do some research. Getting clip-in hair extensions is no different.

These are temporary extensions that can be clipped in and out as and when you require, and they last as long as 8 months if cared for properly.

Hair extensions have been made the ever so popular accessory for the glamour look. But it’s not just the stars that can have these now; hair extensions are available for everyone.

You know that adding clip in hair extensions give a woman that desired lift and enable her to experiment with different styles that she would otherwise be unable to do.

But there are specific pros and cons of clip in hair extensions as mentioned below.

Pros of Clip In Hair Extensions

  • Clip-in hair extensions not only add length to your hair but can also add volume.
  • They are also suitable for women with fine or limp hair. It is also usable for those with concise hair to add extensions and get that long flowing mane.  
  • With clip-in extensions is that you can change the color and effect of your hair.
  • You can easily remove them at night or any time you want. Hence, they are easily removable, giving providing more ease.
  • The method of attachment is easy. As the name implies, these are just clipped onto your hair whenever you feel like putting them on.

Cons of Clip In Hair Extensions

  • The biggest downside with clip-in hair extensions is that they are not cheap. Those made up of human hair are usually high priced because of their quality.
  • If not clip properly, these will not hide the fact these are not your real hair. So, you have to clip them properly.

Choosing Clip In Hair Extensions That Fit Your Face Shape

The first thing to consider when purchasing clip in hair extensions is your face shape. Your face shape will be the main factor in choosing a hair length that will be most complimentary for you.

Also, try to choose human hair extensions as they are more durable. So, here are some tips regarding face shape and clip in hair extensions.

  • Those with round or broad faces should choose extensions with long hair strands to make a face look more elongated. Avoid extensions styled as neat bobs.
  • Those with square faces or heavy jaw lines should choose extensions that emphasize the upper part of the face.
  • Avoid extensions that have blunt-clipped bangs because these make a look appear more angular.
  • If bangs are a must, choose wigs with wispy or fringed bangs. If you select an extension with no bangs, part the hair at the side instead of the center.
  • Those with heart-shaped faces should choose extensions with full bottoms. Chin-length extensions with side-swept bangs are good choices. Avoid wigs that have height at the crown and the area around the ears.
  • Those with oblong or long and thin faces should choose extensions with curly or wavy hair that reaches the middle of the neck to add width to the look. Avoid extensions with a layered cut and those that have long or hanging strands.
  • Those with oval faces are lucky because they can choose a wide range of hair extension styles.


In choosing the right texture, opt for the one that nearly matches your real hair. If you are going from a tight curl or braid to a relaxed style, choose a texture that matches the loose hair.

Caring For Clip-In Hair Extensions

Caring for clip in hair extensions are just like taking care of your own real hair. Here are some tips:

  • Brush out all the tangles gently before you wash your hair or before going to sleep. Or try to put them off before sleeping.
  • Be sure to wash, condition, and moisturize your hair every two to three days. Hair extensions don’t receive the natural oils in your scalp, so these need extra moisture, or they become brittle, dry, and frizzy.
  • Wash gently to be rid of dandruff and keep your scalp clean.

So, start getting a new hairstyle now utilizing beautiful clip-in hair extensions!

Summing Up:

In a world where beauty seems to outshine other personal qualities, making ourselves gorgeous at all times is an indispensable role that we have to portray.

Most of the time, the hair, which is our “crowning glory,” gets noticed first. That is why everyone dreams of having long, beautiful hair that is worth glancing at.

But, if you don’t have long hair, there is a way of achieving them. Clip-in human hair extensions can answer those problems.

Although there are some pros and cons of clip in hair extensions, they can immediately make your hair look longer and more volume according to your desire. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and experiment. Have fun with your hair!

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