CapillusPro Mobile Laser Therapy Cap for Hair Regrowth

Hair growth issue? If you are struggling with a hair loss issue, then worry is not a solution. Here in this review, we will solve your problem permanently. Are you looking for a solution product? But first, you have to know about your problem in detail. After reading this review, you will surely know that this product is perfectly suitable for you. 

If you are facing thin hair or hair loss, this CapillusPro mobile laser hair growth therapy cap will help you to solve this problem permanently. You must be thinking about whether it’s safe or it has some side effects or not. This product is approved by FDA and certified. Now the next question in your mind is how it will work? Is it magic or something just flaws? It’s a laser treatment, not magic, so it’s a useful and certified laser treatment product for you, and it’s easy to use as a cap.

The Cappilus Pro Mobile Laser Therapy Cap is a customer’s choice product. You can also find other versions of this laser therapy cap with different specifications. The Capillus manufacturers introduce Capillus202 mobile laser therapy cap and Capillus82 mobile laser therapy cap for hair regrowth.

 Review Products
1.CapillusPro Mobile Laser Therapy Cap for Hair Regrowth (main product)
2.Capillus202 Mobile Laser Therapy Cap for Hair Regrowth (Plus )
3.Capillus82 Mobile Laser Therapy Cap for Hair Regrowth (Ultra)

In this review, we will explain what these products are and how these products are different in their specifications? So you can choose a product for yourself according to your choice and suitability. 

Let’s discuss the product in detail;

Product Description: (Capillus Pro Mobile Laser Therapy Cap)

The CapillusPro laser therapy cap is an authorized product for your hair growth and certified by FDA. This laser therapy cap is for both men and women and very simple to use. You can use this laser therapy cap for only six minutes, and it’s a very safe method for hair growth and healthy hair. It has 272 5mW laser diodes that give you good results during the daily laser therapy session. If you are struggling with thin hair or hair loss, it will help hair growth even due to genetic issues. This laser therapy CapillusPro cap has a low laser lever with rechargeable batteries. It’s a USA manufactured product for the healthy growth of your hairs.

Product Specifications:

CapillusPro Cap272 Laser Diodes
Rechargeable Battery Pack1 Lithium-Ion
CapillusPro CapManual user
Battery Case
Branded Sports Cap
ManufacturerCapillus, LLC
Package size13.4×10.5×5.9
Package Weight4.95 Pounds
Carrying Case
InteriorFlexible Fit


The CapillusPro laser therapy cap is FDA certified and easy to wear, rechargeable battery-operated device. This device is prescribed by USA physicians for thinning hair problems or hair loss issues, even if it’s a genetic issue. The CapillusPro laser therapy cap helps to reduce hair loss and gives your hair a healthy texture. It’s a flexible and perfect fitting design laser cap, and you can use this product anytime at any place. The CapillusPro mobile laser therapy hair regrowth cap is clinically approved. It provides you best results with a healthy hair look.

Laser Therapy Under Cap:

CapillusPro laser therapy cap is a mobile and hands-free product; you can use it daily for hair treatment. The CapillusPro cap is very flexible and easily fits your scalp. The silicone liner is comfortable for your skin, and you can wear this cap for only 6 minutes daily.

Coverage of Scalp:

The laser diodes are within the cap, and the surface covers the maximum scalp area. Your thinning area is covered by this laser diode interior surface completely, and it works properly.

Best for Travel:

It has a universal AC adopter of 100-240 AC inputs, and you can recharge it anywhere in the world. The CapillusPro laser cap has three interchangeable plugs internationally.


This laser cap has an Auto system to set 6 minutes of the daily session. When you start your session, just set the timer and exactly at the time it will stop. So it’s a worry-less product for your daily usage.

Safety Sensors:

This laser cap has safety sensors for the eye to prevent accidental laser light exposure for the children’s eyes or pets. So it’s a safe product in every aspect.

Weight Friendly Carrying Case:

The CapillusPro laser therapy has a lightweight case and stores your product ans its accessories. It’s an easy-to-carry product while traveling.

Rechargeable Battery:

This laser cap has rechargeable Lithium-Ion batteries attached with the belt. It is a hands-free movable product you can carry in your pocket while doing a daily session. 

Laser Technology:

The CapillusPro cap is a laser therapy device, and it treats your hair follicles. It penetrates in depth which is effective for your hair regrowth treatment.

How it Works:

The CapillusPro cap is a low-level laser light therapy, and it energizes the hair cells to grow new natural and healthy hair. It sheds brittle hair and treats thinning hair areas to slow down the hair loss process. This laser cap fuller your hair and gives you healthy hair. 

Manufacturing Qualities:

This product helps you even if your hair loss issue is genetic. The CapillusPro mobile laser therapy cap is suitable for you if you are facing an issue of hair loss. This product is good for both men and women; it will reverse the hair loss process and gives your hairs a healthy look.

It’s a clinically certified product and has an FDA clearance certificate. The CapillusPro is a very secure and effective laser treatment for baldness and hair loss. It will help even for thin hair issues or regrowth of your hair. This treatment is easy, and you can use this product at home on your own with this laser therapy cap.

CapillusPro laser cap is prescribed by physicians and recommended by different physicians because this laser treatment helps to grow thick and healthy hair.

The maximum daily session time is only 6 minutes with 1360 mW energy. It fits your scalp comfortably and flexible, so you can use it even in the morning time with your hot cup of coffee.

It has an ISO 13485 quality control certificate, and this laser cap is manufactured in the USA. The USA customer service is available for any query.


The capillusPro laser therapy cap nourishes your damaged hair and helps them to grow healthier.

  • It will reverse your hair loss process to grow new hairs and stops the hair loss process.
  • If you face a thin hair issue or bald issue, this product will help you get rid of this problem with laser treatment.
  • It has no side effects and very easy to use as a normal cap.
  • This product provides you safety while using it.
  • It gives you new healthy hair looks for your future.


  • This product is safe and registered, so it has no negative health effects.

Hair Regrowth guide:

You should keep in mind that every treatment takes time to show expected results. So we have to wait and start doing regular daily sessions with this CapillusPro laser cap. It will take time to nourish the follicle’s health and hairs to grow healthily. Before start using CapillusPro laser treatment, we will suggest taking pictures of your scalp and tracking the progress with time.

Here is a quick overview of the hair Regrowth guide;

0-3 MonthsLittle Increase in shedding or maybe no change
3-6 MonthsDecrease in Hair Loss and start showing results
12 MonthsFuller and healthier appearance & visible results
24 MonthsNoticeable results and continues maintenance

The restoration journey is a full guide step by step; let’s follow the general guidelines.

1st Stage: (0-3 months)

The initial shedding is normal at this stage because the old hairs are start shedding and the new hair pushing and growing. It’s normal and healthy; it means the CapillusPro laser treatment starts working. A little itchiness you might feel because of follicle contracts, and new hair grows.

2nd Stage: (3-6 months)

After some weeks, the shedding process stops, and your hair loss starts decreasing. Now, it’s a good sign it means the device works. Don’t be upset or demotivated if you will not feel the process. Just notice that the hair loss decreased, and your hair slightly feels healthy and fuller from the thinning area.

3rd Stage: (12 months)

The next Stage is time to compare your latest pictures with the beginning ones. You will feel the results of this laser therapy.

4th Stage: (24 months)

This is the Stage where you will see the greatest results of this laser therapy. Now you should maintain fuller hair and decrease hair loss. Continue if you want for some particular results.

Research Results:

According to a clinical study, participants had more than 95% of increased hair growth rate in just 17 weeks.

According to a research study, participants, more than 51% of hair growth in just 17 weeks.

These research results have occurred after 6 minutes of a daily session of wearing a laser cap.

In The Box:

  • CapillusPro laser therapy hair regrowth Device
  • Belt Clip for battery pack
  • Rechargeable battery pack (Lithium-Ion)
  • Four interchangeable input blades with universal AC adapter
  • Sports Cap
  • Capillus User Manual
  • Light in a weight carrying case
  • Accessories Pouch

Let’s review the other two Capillus products, Capillus202 and Capillus82.

Capillus202 Mobile Laser Therapy Cap for Hair Regrowth:

Description: C:\Users\Saqi\Desktop\download (1).jpg

Product Description:

The Capillus202 Mobile Laser Therapy Cap is a mid-range device. It provides 1010mW laser energy for better coverage of your scalp.

It has 202 laser diodes for hair regrowth therapy, and it’s an FDA certified US-based product. If you have genetic hair loss issue, this mid-range Capillus202 cap is best for you. 

You can use this product as a daily 6-minute session of laser therapy for good results. It has rechargeable batteries and no interior LED lights, so this product is safe for your children’s eyes. The Capillus202 product has a 95% success rate in the USA and at least a 1-year Warranty. The price is reasonable and for best results, use this product for at least 3 to 6 months for prominent results. 

Physicians recommend the Capillus202 Mobile Laser Therapy Cap because of good research results. This product is a mid-range product, so you can use this product according to your scalp health. This Capillus Plus product is an easy to use and flexible product for your scalp. You can use this product even you are working or busy with other tasks because it’s an auto product. When you set the timer 6 minutes, it will automatically stop after the exact six minutes. 


  • The Capillus202 mobile laser therapy cap has a comfortable laser Technology and suits your scalp and hairline.
  • The Capillus Plus product has 202 laser diodes, and it’s a mid-range product according to your scalp. 
  • The Warranty is 2 years.
  • Auto-Treatment sessions
  • The daily session is about 6 minutes
  • Physician recommended product
  • Certified by FDA
  • Capillus USA manufactured product


  • Capillus202 declines the hair loss process and starts giving a healthy look to your hairs.
  • It’s a safe and very effective product for genetic hair loss problems.
  • It nurtures your hair and gives a healthy hair look.
  • Thinning hair and bald are major issues, so this laser cap helps you with these problems.
  • If you are facing damaged hair, it will revitalize your hair.
  • This product has no side effects and easy to use where ever you are.


  • This product is safe and registered, so it has no negative health effects.

What is Included in the box?

1.Capillus202 Laser device
2.Rechargeable batteries ( Lithium-Ion 
3.Battery pack with belt clip
4.4 interchangeable input blades with universal AC adapter
5.User Manual
6.Carrying Case is light weighted
7.Sports Cap 
8.Nice pouch for accessories

Capillus82 Mobile Laser Therapy Cap for Hair Regrowth:

Description: C:\Users\Saqi\Desktop\capillusultra-box_1024x1024.jpg

Product Description:

The CapillusUltra Mobile Laser Therapy Cap is a value price device of 410 mW of laser energy suitable for scalp coverage area.

If you face hair loss and your scalp bears low laser diodes, it’s perfect for you. This laser cap has 82 laser diodes and very comfortable for your scalp. The Capillus82 Mobile Laser Therapy Cap for hair regrowth is certified by FDA and a US-based product. You can use this product for only six minutes of a daily laser treatment session. The Ultra laser cap decreases the hair loss process, helps grow new hair and eliminates thinning hair issues. If your hair loss is genetic, this product effectively grows healthy hairs and gives you 51% hairs in just 17 weeks.

Physicians recommend this ultra-cap in the US because it’s safe and without LED lights that affect your eyes. It’s a price-friendly product and easy to use where ever you are. The Capillus Ultra Mobile Laser Therapy Cap is a prescribed device for baldness and receding hairline and has one year’s Warranty. It will give you guaranteed satisfaction.


  • It’s a Laser Flex Technology and most comfortable for your sensitive scalp.
  • This laser cap has 82 laser diodes and has no LEDs, so it’s good for eye health.
  • It’s an Auto-timer Laser Treatment device.
  • It has one year warranty.
  • This product is FDA certified and clinically proven, so it’s safe for you.
  • The US-based manufactured laser product for hair regrowth.
  • It is recommended and prescribed by US physicians.
  • This Ultra cap has low-level laser Technology.
  • The daily laser treatment session must be 6 minutes.


  • This Capillus Ultra Mobile Laser Cap is easy to use and has no side effects.
  • It will revitalize your damaged hair and transform your scalp into a healthy hair scalp.
  • It will reduce the process of hair loss.
  • It works even you have heredity hair loss issues.
  • This device is good for thinning hair and baldness. 
  • The Ultra laser cap gives you healthy-looking hair and nourishes your scalp into fuller. 


  • It has fewer Laser diodes than the other two Capillus devices.

In the Box:

1.Capillus82 Laser Therapy Device
2.Lithium-Ion Rechargeable battery pack
3.Belt clip for battery pack
4.Interchangeable input blades for international use with universal AC adapter
5.User Manual
6.Sports Cap
7.Carrying Case
9.Accessory pouch

Why Capillus Laser Therapy Cap?

The Capillus laser therapy cap has no side effects and uses safe diodes for your hair regrowth treatment. This product is hands-free, easy to move with effective price, and easy to use laser therapy cap. It comfortably fits your scalp and has an auto timer for your daily six minutes session. This laser cap is convenient for you and your hair treatment. 

This device is useable for both men and women, with a 95% of success rate. Do you know USA research proves that 51% of hair growth in just 17 weeks? Isn’t it great? 

This laser cap is recommended by physicians and the most powerful laser therapy for your hair regrowth. Sometimes, you might think it can’t be treated when you have a genetic hair loss issue, but it’s just a myth. The Capillus laser therapy Cap is a certified and proven product by FDA.


Let’s compare these products and have an overview altogether;

Diodes272 laser diodes202 laser diodes82 laser diodes
Daily Session6 minutes6 minutes6 minutes
FDA Cleared
Rechargeable Battery
Working RateCapillus82x3.3Capillus82x2.5Base
Clinical Trial

Customer Reviews:

These are some customer reviews that will help you know these products and build your trust.

1.“The first pic is before I put the cap on for the first time in August. The second and third pictures I took were on October 15th because I thought I imagined some hair growth. It’s only been a little close to two months! Less scalp is showing. You can even see baby hairs growing on my hairline! I love it!”

2.” After four months, I’ve noticed an increase in the thickness of my hair.”

3.“I never thought I could stop hair loss, but I was wrong. This cap has stopped my hair from shedding and is growing back. And I don’t have to spray or rub anything on my scalp. I hated the way my hair felt and doing that two times a day. It made my hair feel oily and stuffy. But now, my hair is soft and silky. Well worth the price! I just wish I bought it years ago.”

Final Thoughts:

If you are facing hair loss or heredity hair loss problems, then Capillus laser therapy treatment will help you. The hair loss issue affects millions of people, and it worsens if it’s genetic. The common type of hair loss is androgenic, and in this, 98% of hair loss occurs, so it’s a worsening condition. Suppose you will start the treatment of hair loss in the early stages. In that case, the Capillus laser therapy cap stops the hair loss process and regrows new hair and eliminates the thinning issue.

These Products will give you guaranteed satisfaction. After reading this review, you will decide which Capillus product suits you in every aspect. These Capillus laser therapy caps are very comfortable and easy to use. It’s an FDA-certified prescribed device by USA physicians, so you can trust it. These products just need your daily 6 minutes and laser-only products.

The CapillusPro, CapillusPlus and CapillusUltra are low-level laser therapy products with different diodes’ energy, so you can use them according to your scalp and hairline condition.