Cowgirl Boots For Wide Feet

10 Best Cowgirl Boots For Wide Feet And Comfort In 2021 Buying guide

Cowgirl boots are soft and flexible footwear. You can do multiple tasks by wearing them, from riding to walking and so on with ease and comfortable. But finding the right boots if you have big calves or wide feet can be a difficult task for you.

Girl with wide feet and big calves might confront some problems that others can’t comprehend. This article is very instructive will give you an idea of choosing your best cowgirl boots for wide feet.

Cowgirl shoes are made for tough jobs, but you can wear them on several occasions to find your impressive size necessity.

Perks Of Buying Cowgirl Boots

The cowgirl boots are very prominent and a priority for many reasons. 

  • These boots are trendy in some areas while some people don’t show interest in them. In central Texas, every second person is wearing these cowgirl boots! 
  • Many people love the style and brand of these boots. These boots are exceptionally durable and large if you get or choose the right boots. 
  • The leather boots are very stable to wear. Synthetic leather is also in the market, you can choose what you like! 
  • The soles and heels are removable if you are not comfortable with this. HAVE FUN!

10 Best Cowgirl Boots For Wide Feet

Here we have selected the ten best cowgirl boots for wide feet. You may choose the best one according to your wide feet and comfort. Just have a look at them as they are meant to ease down your selection process. Enjoy your boots!

1- Ariat Women Western Boots (Our Top Pick)

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Ariat boots are our top priority for the best cowgirl boots for wide feet. It is very comfortable and stable. The 4LR technology that makes it extraordinary and different from others also safe sole eases the feet. Four different colors look great.

It is 100% leather with a synthetic sole. The heel is approximately 1.5*. It is considered as the most advanced riding boots for the world’s top dignified athletes. Today this Ariat the best cowgirl boots for dancing and costume for equestrian athletes of the world.


  • Toe box
  • Width
  • Approximately 1.5* heel
  • True to width 100%
  • Just right 88%
  • Arch support
  • Moderate 67%

These boots provide comfort, ease in work, and ride to compete in every part of life. It is designed for women. It is the best choice for wide-feet girls, formulated for the big calves, and has a large space for a toe that attracts buyers.


Comfortable and stable

4LR technology

Safe sole

Different colors

Athletes’ choice

Comfortable, stylish, and trendy


Bit pricey but worth it!

2- Charles Albert Women’s Modern Western Boots (Runner Up)

The Charles Albert boots are designed for girls of wide feet and made up of high-quality materials. It is formulated by having the latest trend in mind. Any cowgirl must have this in their wardrobe. The different colors and the classy look keep you warm in the winter or rainy seasons and provide you with a stylish look for spring and summer nights.

This Charles Albert women’s modern western cowboy Distressed boots is a brand that is designed to make you look stylish and ease your comfort on any occasion. It also carries a diverse and wide range of fashion and looks for ladies and girls of all ages.


  • Arch support is Moderate (67%)
  • Comfortable
  • Provide you warmth
  • Width is 83%
  • The toe box is Just right (77%)
  • Tip: Check With Socks

If you are buying a new pair of cowgirl boots, then go for your boot test first. It is essential to wear it with your socks because it may get slack sometimes on your feet. Moreover, try your regular thick socks, don’t go for the extra thick one. If it is your first shopping, you may want to go with the boot socks or large socks up to the calf.


True to size

Reasonable price



Fits every occasion

Rubberized heels     no noise


Look like leather is synthetic.

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3- Rocket Dog Women’s Western Boot

These Rocket Dog Women’s western boots are highly recommended. You can wear it at any event with any outfit. These stylish Western mid-calf boots look stylish and attractive. Rocket dog is designed for the independent women free thinker that eludes the sleek look. It gives you a decent watch that makes you unique from others.


  • 100& synthetic
  • Imported
  • Lightly cushioned fabric insole
  • Rubber sole
  • Textile lining
  • High ankle from arch

Tip: Beginning on

Usually, people wear boots while they are sitting. Regardless, few cowgirl boots are manufactured to accommodate your angle for better support. It would be necessary to wear your cowgirl boots while standing for proper fitting and assessment. Note: you may hear a pop up while trying your shoes, and your shoes fall into boots.


Variety of colors

For wide feet

Stylish and comfortable

Noiseless heels



No perfect size

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4- Ariat Women’s Cowgirl Work Boot

This Ariat women’s Delilah Round is stylish and luxurious footwear. The dimensions of the boot are 15 x 12 x 4 inches. These boots you can wear with your favorite denim jeans and will add great variety to your collection.


  • 100% leather
  • Imported
  • 4LR four-layer foot comfort
  • Rubber sole
  • Mesh lining
  • Round toe profile
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Tip: Finding the vault of the foot:

You might need alleviation with this tip. For excellent fitting, you should continue with an average weight proportion on each foot. You should try the most comprehensive portion of your foot. We will name it the VAULT(BALL) of your foot.

When fitting the boot, the most important thing to consider is to make sure that the ball of your foot is at the widest part of your boot. It will help you to comprehend the fitting of your boot when you insert weight on your foot. If you may get any hurdle by wearing boots, you may change it with a different pair.



Best for wide feet and big calf



Perfect fit


Too big/comprehensive stuff you may don’t like

5- Women’s Western Cowgirl Boot

This women’s western cowgirl Boot is comfortable, stylish, and sturdy. This is his highly recommended wide foot girls. Best fitting boot, you would love to wear with socks or without. It has a nice cushy insole. It is the best choice for you and for giving a gift to your loved one.

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  • Imported or made in the USA
  • The rubber sole won’t make noise.
  • About 1.75 inches heel
  • Water Resistant leather footwear

Tip: Consider The Toe Space:

Next, analyze if the boots have a large toe area. The people have different sizes of the toe, a Little longer or smaller than other people. Usually, choose the boot at least a thumbs width between your boot and toe, make sure there is ample room.

Mostly the boot companies deliver you an extra brace in the toe area called ‘toe cap.’ This extra space helps you a lot in your daily chores, but you face any hurdle or complication while wearing these cowgirl boots. After estimation, this pick is a great one.



Reasonable price     

Best rubber sole

Comfortable and stylish

Best collection for every occasion


Size fitting may trouble.

6- Ariat Women’s Western Cowgirl Boot

They are the best cowgirl boots for wide feet and a versatile country style ideal for the women who prefers comfort and toe area. This is the best choice to meet the athletic demands of rodeo and ranching. Soft and reliable for the workers and riders. It is the best selection for any occasion. You can wear it with your denim or skirts.

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  • Full fabric leather
  • Four-row stitch structure   
  • Manufactured air mesh lining
  • All-day softening with a rebound 

Tip: Examine The Width Before Buying: Allotting the proper width is the most important thing to choose for any cowgirl boot. For it, you should look down the straight on your feet while standing. The shoes should be slightly slack. If you are buying food but ignore the correct width, you might confront the leather issue. This might get too vague to inflict the boot grimy. If you wear them too tight, it may irritate and feel you uncomfortable. It may cause a weakened weakening stitch of the leather and also wiggle the outsole. 


Decent heel

Looks stylish with any dress

No, hurt to walk 

Socially acceptable 


Synthetic, not leather, can be patchy after use

Size or narrow boots may trouble 

7- Ariat Women’s Remuda Western Boot

This Ariat women’s boot for wide feet is elegant and fashionable with traditional western stitching. This Ariat women’s Remuda Western Boot is very soft and affluent. This the best choice no matter what occasion you want to wear it. These leather boots are a great fit and style. There are many color schemes you will love to wear them even at weddings.

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  • 100% leather
  • Imported
  • Rubber sole that won’t irritate 
  • The boot opening is about 13.5 around
  • Heel approx 1.5

Tip: Look Forward To The Arches: 

Furthermore, you should consider your foot’s boot shank and angle have a great match. If you are comfortable and the turn is not hurting your foot, it means you should go with that boot.

Some people have lower, higher, or entirely no angles. So just go with your comfort and stability. It doesn’t mean if something is suitable for someone will also suit you. 


If something is provoking discomfort now, the possibilities are it will hurt you longer. So while wearing boots, you are not feeling good, it means that it is not for you. Try other!


Easy to fit 

Flexible and comfortable

Wide and large toe area

Reasonable price


One foot is bigger

Tighten from the ankle

8- Roper Women’s Crossed Out Western Boot

Go Western! This is an excellent choice for broad feet. These crossed-out boots for women are unique and classy. This high-quality leather boots comfort your ankle and sol, it satisfies all your boot desires.

These best cowgirl boots for dancing have many high-quality leather boots that for many years. These boots are very true to size. You might feel narrow, but after using it many times, it gets refined. The rhinestones on the shoes elegant and outstanding. These are highly recommended.

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  • 100% manmade 
  • Flexible and synthetic sole
  • The heel is 1.5 inches
  • Of support insole
  • Lightweight 
  • Non- marking outsole
  • Boot opening 14.5  

Tip: Check The Boot’s Fitting Across The InstepYou can differentiate if the shoes are fit across the instep by putting the leather between your index finger and thumb. Moreover, try to scrape your thumb across the instep. Slight wrinkles will occur if the boots are too loose. If you have minor creases, it means it is perfect for you.


Stylish leather boots

Silver, metal, clear, and light blue rhinestones

Suitable for all occasions

Comfortable and light

Reasonable price


No narrow size

9- Carrol Women’s Leather Cowgirl Boots

Do you want to add some elegant boots to your wardrobe? Stay connected to the last. You will have a broad idea of from Carrol! These are another choice as the best cowgirl boots for wide feet.

This glittery snip toe boot delivers you a floral embroidery and an excellent glittery pop. They worth every dollar! Wear these boots with your denim and dresses for a graceful western look. Boots are handmade. Each boot is individually unique. 

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  • The leather sole and imported
  • 100% leather
  • Heel approx 2.25 inches
  • The snip toe profile
  • Extraordinary western look
  • Manufactured with cowboy heels

Tip: Consider The Heel SlippageIt is the funny, likewise embarrassing thing when your heel slips from the back of the boot. Slight heel slippage is average, but if it is more slippery, you should assess other boots. It should give you a comfortable wearing boot if there is slippage occurs still you should abide it.


An excellent choice for big claves

Beautiful and stylish 

Many colors

Pure embroidery with studs

Up to the mid-calf boots


No boot up to the ankle 

10- Ariat Women’s Heritage Cowgirl Boot

This Ariat Women’s Heritage Rancher is an incredible choice for relief and style. This Riley floral boot is manufactured with antiqued faux leather with all over flower-patterned embroidery. These boots have a snip toe with 13 inches shaft. These boots have an outsole of distressed faux leather.

This faux leather brown boot looks stylish and the best gift to give to your loved one. It is the best choice for wide feet. This fits perfectly, you can wear it all day long, and it won’t create any sores or rubbing on your feet.

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  • Rubber sole
  • Shaft approx 11.5 from arch 
  • Heel about 1.75 inches
  • Made in the USA or imported
  • Boot opening approx 13 around
  • Waterproof
  • 100% synthetic 
  • On shaft two-row stitch pattern
  • The soft lining of leather provides comfort
  • Durable rubber outsole

Tip: Choose The Perfect Size: The different brands manufactured boots according to wide feet. But if you have any trouble you should order accordingly or a half number high. But we will suggest you try to contain the exact size you generally wear.


Extended persistent stability 

Measurements may vary by size

Stylish and fully floral embroidered

Snip toe


No pure leather but Faux Leather 

A Guide To Buy Best Cowgirl Boots

You might see a bunch of different types of boots when you go shopping. However, choosing the right one will be your primary purpose. You should know the essential purpose of buying the shoes. The following few steps are most important to consider while purchasing the best cowgirl boots for wide feet.


Your boots should have a proper heel to attain an appropriate height. Initially, there could be some difficulty in slipping, but your shoes will get more reluctant and stable with time. It is standard cowgirl boot height. It is approximately up to the knee height and in the proper style which is around”10. It would be the best choice for most people.


You should never be dependent on the same size as your tennis shoes’ size. If you don’t have any idea of sizing, you can measure the foot size using a pencil and paper or by watching tutorials on how to do it.

Leather type: 

There is various type of leather available. The price depends on the quality of the leather you craved; the Cowhide is the cheapest leather type. You can get the goatskin, snake, and alligator skin as well. You have a choice of different varieties you can choose the best one for you.

The sole: 

Before buying your cowgirl boots, carefully evaluated them. You should buy the best for horseback riding moreover dancing. If you are buying for walking or extra physical tasks that don’t entail riding. You should consider then the good synthetic sole that lasts longer. These will perform well and are less slippery than leather.

Toe shape design: 

If you are buying first time these cowgirl boots, the toe shape design might trouble you here. So try to prefer the one that could easily fit into your wide feet. These are the main components to consider while buying cowgirl boots. You may check the other features too, like water resistance, stability, sturdiness, while choosing the best cowgirl shoes.

if you need shoes for climbing check out this article Best Climbing Shoes For Wide Feet.


What are the most comfortable cowgirl boots?

If you’ve read above, we’ve mentioned the best cowgirl boots for wide feet. Apart from them, we’ve mentioned the most comfortable boots that you’ll love to wear. Ariat is the best brand in this regard, which provides comfort and stability to feet.

You can hop around the streets, move faster or slower, or can dance while wearing their boots. They are light on your feet, providing the ultimate comfort to your feet.

What are the best boots for wide feet?

You need special care if you’re feet are a bit wide. Carrol Women’s Leather Cowgirl Boots are the best ones in this regard. The reason is their comfortable outsole and insole. Also, they are stylish with appropriate heel length, and you can wear them the way you like.

The boots are handmade, delivering a unique quality. Hence great for wearing when you’re moving outside. You can also look at the others as our article revolves around the best cowgirl boots for wide feet.

What are the best cowgirl boots for dancing?

Ariat Women’s Remuda Western Boots are the best cowgirl boots for dancing. They are great for use at any kind of party or workout. Also, you can wear them at a wedding to enhance your pride.

The boots are quite comfortable due to the rubber sole and are light on the toe, providing ease in dancing and walking. Also, you might consider them narrow in the beginning, but they’ll get fine as you’ll dance frequently. Moreover, they are great for ankle and foot support. Hence, the best cowgirl boots for dancing.


Now, you might have an idea of the best cowgirl boots for wide feet and comfort in 2021. The cowgirl boots give you comfort and a trendy look and help you in athletes and daily chores.

Here in this article, we have summed up a buying guide and categories of some best boots for you. It will help you out to buy the best one for any occasion with any dress. Also, must follow the tips that will help you a lot. Enjoy your boots!

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