8 best brush for hair extensions 2021: keep extensions tangle-free

After getting and installed the best hair extensions, you need to take proper care of it. And the first step is brushing your hair extensions.

You need to be careful while choosing a brush for your hair extensions. Because a simple brush won’t work well to detangle your hair extensions. Also, it may cause damage to your hair extensions.

So you need to get the best brush for your hair extensions.

We have some important information about brushing hair extensions. You can also check this out, hope it will help to choose the right one. We have listed some popular brushes in the market for you. You’ll find the many options to choose the best brush for hair extensions.

Top 8 Best Brush for Hair Extensions Reviews

here is a comprehensive review of the top 8 best brush for hair extensions:

1.The Wet Brush Pro Select Paddle – Metallic Purple

2.RemySoft Loop Brush – for Hair Extensions, Weaves, and Wigs

3.Spornette Brush-Cushioned & Looped Bristles for Hair Extensions

4.American Dream Ionic Hairbrush for Hairz Extensions

5.Wet Brush Original Detangler Hair Brush – Pink (Pack of 2) – Exclusive Ultra-soft

6.Giorgio GIO1IVY Gentle Dresser Size Detangle Brush – Wet Hair Brush

7.The best Tangle Teezer brush – The Ultimate Finishing Brush

8.Best for styling –  SUPRENT Bristle round brush

1. The Wet Brush Pro Select Paddle – Metallic Purple

For wet hair detangling:

Any kind of hair extension is not supposed to brush in wet conditions, after applying conditioner, long extensions require brushing to spread the conditioner throughout the hair extensions. This brush works perfectly as a detangler in those circumstances.

Remember, it is only for detangling wet hair and extensions. Otherwise, this hairbrush may damage hair extensions.

There are many colours available but, I like the purple colour it makes the brush eye-catchy. but the vibrant colour pops up the brush out from everything else in your bathroom. The purple helps to stand it out from others it is quite convenient to pick because most brushes have black colour.

2. RemySoft Loop Brush – for Hair Extensions, Weaves,Wigs

For natural hair and extension:

This brush is best as a starter, To begin with, hair extension brushes. 

This brush has many tiny loops that smooth out the hair extensions but don’t catch any knot. It detangles the hair scratches the scalp but doesn’t damage the hair extensions. It is inexpensive and useful. 

Brushes that are mostly used for hair extensions are more expensive than regular brushes. But these brushes are compulsory for those who use hair extension.

 Otherwise, the hair may start shedding, break, and fall out if a regular brush is used in hair extensions. It is also recommended to use on cured hair, it won’t ruin the hair that is curled with a curling rod.

3. Spornette Brush-Cushioned & ionic Bristles for Hair Extensions

Looped Ionic bristles:

This Looped Ionic bristles brush is great for long hair extensions to tend the tangle easily.

From the looped bristles of the brush, you can get assurance that this brush will never snag your hair or extensions. 

it never gets stuck in the hair because this brush has no literal tip. To use on hair extensions, you can brush after putting on, or putting off. The brush has a wooden sole and a rubber grip, which is a nonslip kind.

It is an ordinary-looking brush that gives an amazing result in detangling any kind of hair extension. It is good for maintaining curl even after brushing because the loops of this brush are bigger and wider in size.

4. American Dream Ionic Hairbrush for Hair Extensions

Ionic hair brush is good for styling hair extensions because these brushes tame frizzy hair effectively. it will detangle your hair nicely without disturbing the roots of the extensions because the length of the bristles is fixed carefully.

so It gives more manageable and tangles free hair extensions. Its bore bristles do the magic on every kind of extension. That results in shedding free brushing of your hair.

This brush is available in a simple black colour, with no mentionable design. But the quality of the brush is very good for the betterment of hair extensions. Brushing is the only way to give moisture to your hair extensions with natural oils.

 this brush helps to collect the naturally produced oil from the scalp and distribute it throughout your hair evenly with its boar bristles. It’s very important because the hair extensions have no natural root to get nourishment.

5.Wet Brush Original Detangler Hair Brush – Pink (Pack of 2) – Exclusive Ultra-soft

2 brushes in one pack:

Detangling brush:

This is a pack of two amazing brushes. One brush to use at home and another one is in a compact mirror form that you can carry in your handbag. This small compact brush is for you without taking much space in your bag. It has bristles for general detangling. you can’t use it on the roots on tape in extensions,  but for other hair extensions using this brush from top to tip is just fine.

6.Giorgio GIO1IVY Gentle Dresser Size Detangle Brush – Wet Hair Brush

Gold colour:

Not every woman likes the pink colour in brushes. even some prefer unisex colours over girly colours. This is a looped brush in golden colour for them, this looped brush has been placed on this list. It is a good quality brush.

 The looped bristles in the brush are glides in between hair locks like we run our fingers in our hair extensions. this brush is meant to use on dry hair extensions.

This brush is not just to use for detangling extensions it’s also to brush out natural hair with curls. It brushes the hair extensions without altering their texture. This loop brush works perfectly to manage both natural and synthetic hair extensions.

7.The best Tangle Teezer brush – The Ultimate Finishing Brush

Tangle Teezers are at the top of the list

Tangle Teezer is an ordinary name for a reason you need to try one if you haven’t already.
They’re available from many outlets and there are many styles, in particular, are perfect for extensions.
It has a handle that makes it easy to control when you’re brushing long hair extensions unlike the original.
This model can be used to untangle at the roots of the hair, it will also smooth out any strays and keep your extensions looking silky smooth.

8.Best for styling –  SUPRENT Bristle best round brush

If you like to style your hair extensions perfectly, this Bristle round brush is what you need.

It pulls your hair natural oils down to the end of your hair extensions from the roots, keeping your lock looking shiny and silky.

Whether you have short or long hair extensions, it will help you to tame and smooth your hair extensions beautifully.

  • Why You Need a Special Brush for Hair Extensions:

There are many reasons you need to use a special brush for your hair extensions.

1. Special brushes have the ability to brush the roots of hair extensions and didn’t stick in the bonds that’s why they do not cause tangle.

2.These Brushes specially designed for hair extensions are strong enough to deal with plenty of hair because most of the hair extensions are thick and long.

3. Special Brush does not pull the hair too hard on their bonds during brushing your extensions. They are also soft and gentle enough so that they don’t become the reason for breakage.

Types of Brush for hair extensions:

Before buying a hairbrush for hair extensions, you should know about the different types of hairbrushes available for extensions. Such as,

1. Looper Brush:                       

Looper brushes have loops in them instead of bristles. This type of brush won’t pull or damage your hair extensions, you can easily slides through them and untangle your hair extensions with comfort. This is the must-have accessory for your hair extensions.

2. Round Brush

A round brush helps to increase the volume of your hair Extensions. these brushes are available in different sizes. small round brushes are perfect for tight curls. If you want tight curls, a Round brush is perfect for you. If you use a large round brush for your hair extensions, you will get awesome beachy waves.

3. Paddle Brush:

Paddle brushes are wide and flat with a rectangular head. These brushes are large in size, mainly use for flattening out frizz and give the hair extensions straight, sleek looks on your scalp.

  • How to Brush Hair Extensions

If you are using hair extensions, you need to know how to take proper care of them, especially the right way to brush the hair extensions. We are sharing some tips which can help you for brushing your hair extensions.

#1 First step is to gently run your fingers to untangle most of the biggest tangles in your hair extensions.

Remember, you should have to be patient while detangling your hair extensions.

#2 Hold the hair roots with your hand to brush your hair extension, and gently brush with other hands by starting towards the scalp at the end of the hair.

#3 Always go on a downward direction while brushing your hair extensions, it helps to keep your hair in a natural direction.

#4 One of the best ways to get the most out of the hair extensions is to Brush your hair at least 3 times a day.

#5 Hair extension brushes are made with boar hair, their bristles are firm but gentle for hair extensions. Use a soft bristle brush for your hair extensions.


To sum up, you need to pick the best brush for hair extensions that helps you to get rid of annoying tangles and with ease and comfort.

And to have awesome and tangle-free- shiny hair, you can follow our tips for brushing the hair extensions.

That’s all for today!

If you want to know more about hair products for your hair extensions, feel free to contact us.

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