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8 Best Human Hair Ponytail Extensions (2020)

Today we will review the best human hair ponytail extensions. But wait for a minute. You know that the use of hair extensions is now becoming common among women belonging to different age groups. The online market is flooded with various types and styles of extensions and a person may become overwhelmed while making the decision.

Do you also want to lavish, voluminous hair and want to look prettier and more glamorous? So, the need arises to choose the best product for you at a reasonable price. If you are looking for a human hair ponytail extension then you are in the right place. You can make these ponytail extensions a part of your beauty routine and can use them on your special events.

Here, we’ll review different ponytail extensions and you can find the best for you. And don’t forget to read the buying guide at the end before purchasing any extension.

8 Best Human Hair Ponytail Extensions Reviews

1. LaaVoo 12inch Straight Black Ponytail Human Hair Extension

This LaaVoo Black ponytail extension is superior to others because of its natural shine and luster. The hair is aligned in one direction. That’s why it is prone to shedding. Also, it is long-lasting as made up of REMY human hair and is easy to maintain and you can also style it in the way you want. The method of applying is also very easy. You can clip in the extension in your hair easily.


  • 100% human hair and can be curled, dyed, washed, cut
  • Reasonable Price
  • Light Weight
  • Silky Straight
  • Super Realistic Look


  • Unsuitable for short hair
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2. LaaVoo 16inch Clip in Ponytail Extension Wrap Around Human Hair Pony Tail

The 16-inch LaaVoo clip-in ponytail extension has grabbed the attention of so many people. Made up of Remy human hair, these straight hair extensions are worth buying. The invisible extension wire makes the applying process so easier and blends with the real hair in a natural way. You will get a thick and shiny ponytail with a smooth texture. It will last more than a year if kept with care as it is made up of real human hair. You’ll look more fashionable and pretty after wearing them.


  • 100% human hair providing a real look
  • Soft and smooth texture
  • Tangle Free
  • Secure to wear without damage to real hair
  • Natural shine without artificial glazing chemicals


  • The method of applying is a bit complex but you can watch their video tutorial to get the best results.
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3. RUNATURE Remy Ponytail White Human Hair Extension

The wrap around ponytail extensions having a silky texture made up of real human hair will be a best choice for you if you’re looking for long, thick and straight ponytail extensions. You’ll just need a bobby pin to set them up. They won’t be easily noticeable as other extensions and is suitable for regular wear. For the decoration, you can also use a bow-knot.


  • No unpleasant scent
  • Human hair
  • Variety of colors available
  • No shedding on combing and washing
  • Nicely toned


  • These extensions won’t suit on you if you have curly hair.
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4. Lacer Balayage Blonde Clip in Ponytail Human Hair Extensions

These Lacer extensions have a sweet color of medium brown with strawberry blonde and are available in different lengths. If matched with your real hair color, this ponytail extension will be the best choice for you. As it is made of human hair, so it won’t tangle and you can tamper it according to your choice. It will blend so nicely with your real hair. It is suitable for special occasions like birthday parties, official dinners, or any other special event but not for daily use if you have thin hair.


  • Natural shiny 2-shade color.
  • Great wavy texture and volume.
  • Super easy to put on.
  • 100% human hair, so can dye, curl, or straighten easily.


  • If you have thin or short hair there is a chance of damage to your real hair. Take a look at the next product if you have thin hair.
  • Not suitable for daily use.
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5. Easyouth 12″ Clip in Ponytail Silky Straight Hair Extension

Easyouth 12-inch black ponytail extension is best for women with thin hair as it is light weight and it won’t damage your natural hair. Moreover, you can easily use it on daily basis in your school, college, office or anywhere you want. You can also style it the way you want. All you need is a bobby pin and you are done. As it is made up of real human hair, you can also straighten it and curl depending on your needs. Just take a look at product and you’ll fall in love with this gentle and smooth ponytail extension.


  • Light Weight
  • Silky Straight
  • REMY Human hair
  • Natural shiny and smooth texture


  • Unsuitable for thick hair. Take a look at numbers 7 and 8 if your hair volume is high.
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6. Lacer #1B Natural Black Ponytail Extension Clip in Ponytail Human Hair Extensions

It is high quality human hair ponytail extension that will last longer and will give your hair a natural look.


  • Straight hair
  • Easy to put on
  • Lightweight, so best for thin hair
  • No shedding issues


  • A bit thin, not suitable for thick hair. If you have thick hair take a look at the ponytail extension mentioned at number 4.
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7. LaaVoo 12″ Ponytail Human Hair Extensions Piano Color Ash Brown Mixed with Light Blonde

These 12 inch-22 inches LaaVoo ponytails extensions are available in variety of colors and the free color matching service is also available. The unique factor about these extensions is the little wavy appearance that will increase the length and thickness of your hair and will give you a stunning look. It just requires BB pin to fix firmly to your hair. Just pull your hair back and clip the extension with your any favorite accessory. You’ll not regret purchasing it.


  • Can be curled or straightened as they are real human hair
  • Perfect Blending, providing a natural look
  • Convenient to wear without damage to real hair
  • Light Weight and comfortable


  • The extension will become a bit curly after washing but you can straighten as it is made up of real human hair.
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8. Seelaak Curly Wrap Around Human Hair Ponytail Extensions

Seelaak curly human hair extensions are black in color and you can stylize your pony in the way you want. This curly ponytail extension has pasted binding and the wearing method is so easy. You can easily bind them with your real hair in seconds. If your real hair is curly, then these extensions are best for you. They will blend with your real hair in such a good way that it will be difficult to differentiate. The soft and smooth texture will increase the volume of your hair giving a natural look.


  • Easy to install
  • Soft and smooth
  • Long-lasting as made up of human hair
  • No shedding and tangle


  • The curls may loosen due after frequent washing. But you can curl them again as it is a real human hair extension.             
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How to Choose the best Human Hair Ponytail Extension for You?

You want hair extensions to change your style and look more unique and prettier. But it is important to choose the right and best one for you.

Choosing a wrong one will lead to the waste of time and money as well. For longer hair styles, like ponytails it is important to ensure the security of your real hair before purchasing any extension.

Here are some considerations for you before buying any ponytail extension.

1. Checking the Condition of Your Hair

Before buying any ponytail, the extension first takes a look at your own hair condition. Your scalp and real hair should be in good condition if you’re thinking to buy a long ponytail extension.

If your hair is less than 5 inches, try to avoid long clip-in extensions as they can damage your scalp. Go for short glue-extensions.

If you have thin long hair, go for lightweight short ponytail extensions to protect your real hair.  If your hair is thick, then you can easily try long ponytail extensions.

Also, take into account the texture and color of your own hair. Your own hair condition assessment is very important to choose the right and best ponytail hair extension for you.

2. Get the Best Color Match

Always try to get the shade which matches best with your real hair. Check the color of your locks instead of roots while buying the ponytail hair extensions.

Also, in case of 2 shades, choose the color which is more prominent in your real hair. It will provide a more real look to your hair and you’ll look more gorgeous.

3. Choose the Right Length and Weight

It is important that your chosen extension blends well according to your facial appearance. The weight and length of ponytail extensions must into account before purchasing.

The weight must not be more than 150g as there is a chance of damage to your real hair. The products we’ve reviewed above have weight less than 120g. So, you can go with them. 

In case of length, first check out the length of your real hair. Use a measuring tape and start measuring from the point where you are supposed to clip your extensions and move below. Try not to be account for any natural bounce of your hair.

While buying ponytail hair extensions, keep in mind that their length should be 2-3 inches more than your real hair so as to achieve a good look. Getting the right length and weight is important to protect your real hair from damage.

4. Check on Quality

For hair styles like ponytail, it is important to buy the best quality product that suits your face. Human hair ponytail extensions are best to buy in terms of quality.

Checking the quality is the most important factor to consider while buying a ponytail hair extension and try to get a one made up of human hair to get the best results.

Why Human Hair Extensions Should Be Preferred?

Different kinds of extensions are available in the market including synthetic and human hair extensions. In the case of ponytails or longer styles always prefer human hair extensions.

Human hair extensions provide a more realistic look and are prone to tangling and shedding. Also, they can be straightened, dyed, curled, or washed. In short, you can treat them like your own hair.

They also last longer than the ordinary synthetic extensions are suitable for daily use. Below are some of the best ponytail extension reviews made up of human hair.

If you’re searching for a ponytail extension, just give any of them a try and you won’t regret your purchase.

Final Words

The process of choosing the best human hair ponytail extensions might be a risky task for you. If you want a beautiful and unique look, keep in mind the above-mentioned points before buying any ponytail extension. The above-mentioned products were properly researched before publishing.

So, you can buy them without hesitation, and believe us, you won‎’t regret your purchase. After buying extensions, take good care of them and treat them like your own hair so that they can last longer.

If you still find yourself in dilemma, just take a deep breath, close your eyes, and imagine your hair looking so beautiful and unique. The article contains some affiliate links, so you can buy through our link and we’ll receive a little commission on your purchase. Don’t hesitate if you want voluminous and shiny hair.

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