8 Best Beaded Weft Hair Extensions

Today we will review the best beaded weft hair extensions. They are of great use for short-haired ones. As every woman has a desire to look beautiful, so you can opt for them to look more fashionable. It can do wonders for one’s look and confidence.

It feels great to look gorgeous with beautiful hair. As to the confidence it brings, you will feel that the money you have invested in it is worth it. Beaded hair extension can transform your short and lifeless hair to long and free-flowing hair instantly. There is no need to wait for months or years for your natural hair to grow.

What are Beaded Weft Hair Extensions?


A beaded hair extension relies on using a special metal bead with a silicone inner lining. The method relies on threading the natural hair through the bead with the bonded edge of the extension, which is then secured in place using a clamp system.

It does not use glues, adhesives, heat, or weaves to attach hair extensions. Instead, they use tiny rings or beads that are clamped to your natural hair by using pliers.

Pros and Cons of Beaded Weft Hair Extensions

Before making any decision take a look at the pros and cons of beaded weft hair extensions. If you want extensions just for attending a party or ceremony, then they are not for you.

If you want long full hair for a larger period of time, then you must go with this hair technology. The following are some pros and cons of beaded weft hair extensions.

8 Best Beaded Weft Hair Extensions Reviews

Here are the reviews of 8 best-beaded weft hair extensions. Must check them out if you want long-lasting lengthy, beautiful hair. Also, look at the buying guide before buying any extension.

1. Ugeat 20 Inch Micro Beads Hair Extensions

Ugeat micro beads hair extensions are great to change your look and boost your confidence by increasing the length of your hair. Your hair will more beautiful and their volume will also be increased after applying for these micro beaded weft hair extensions.

The main advantage is that it is suitable for daily use. Once applied, it will last longer, depending on maintenance. You won’t need to wear and remove it daily. Also, you can gift it to your friend on her special event. So, check these extensions out if you are looking for increasing the length of your hair.

2. LaaVoo Double Weft Micro Beaded Hair extensions

These double shaded weft micro beaded hair extensions will give you an enchanting look. Made up of human hair, they are easy to install and will end up in smooth hair with a good volume. They’ll blend with natural hair and will give a realistic look. You can straighten, curl, or style them the way you want. So, if you want to enhance your look, just give them a try.

3. Easyouth Weft Hair Extensions

These straight lightweight weft hair extensions will help you look different by adding volume to your real hair. Based on the fact that they are made up of REMY human hair, you can get voluminous, shiny hair simply by putting on these extensions. Style them the way you want and get long-lasting smooth hair. So, get control over your hair by checking out these weft hair extensions.

4. LaaVoo Invisible Micro Beaded Weft Hair Extensions

These micro beaded weft hair extensions are a fast way to change your hairstyle. The extension is soft, full, and very easy to install. These LaaVoo micro beaded weft hair extensions are produced with real human hair, soft and natural. With good care, it can last a long time. Take good care of your product to enjoy shiny hair. So, grab this product to get silky, long hair.

5. Ugeat Micro Beads Human Hair Extensions

These micro-beaded weft hair extensions are being popular in the market because of their good volume and length. Just combine your real hair with the extensions and surprise your loved ones. Install them near to your scalp and cover your head with the extensions without damaging your real hair. Just keep them with care and enjoy your long beautiful hair.

6. Moresoo 24 Inch Beaded Weft Hair Extensions

Moresoo micro beaded weft hair extensions will be perfect for you if you want some light-colored weft hair extensions. Based on the data gathered, these extensions are soft and easily manageable. The installation does not require any glues or adhesives and therefore it is safe for your real hair. So, what are you waiting for? Grab these beautiful hair extensions to add to your beauty.

7. Full Shine Beaded Weft Bundles Human Hair

Different available blonde shades create artistry for this hair extension. I suggest this highlighted hair extension to ladies who love to style their hair with hair extensions.

You will get the best quality hair extensions of all kinds in Full Shine hair extensions, but this one is a highly heat resistant product. You can make curl, straighten, and wave on this without causing damage. But if you do frequently then this can cause shedding and shorten the life of the extension.

8. Easyouth Beaded Weft Extensions 14inch

After launching barbies, Some girls like to be looking like Barbie’s. Sales of Platinum Ice Color hair extensions have risen noticeably. A beaded extension is an easy solution to get full hair. If you already have dyed your hair Platinum Ice, then there is only one option to make the hair thicker.

Cost of Beaded Weft Hair Extensions

The cost of beaded weft hair extensions depends on the stylist you hire and the price of extensions. If you buy the extensions on your own, then you can easily get them installed, even from any ordinary stylist. You won’t need to appoint an expensive hairdresser for installation.

So, the total cost of beaded weft hair extensions will include the charges of stylist and the cost of extension. You can also install them at home with help of your friend. Just do proper research on clamping using pliers. Buy and install them to get beautiful long hair of your choice.

Buying Guide for Beaded Weft Hair Extensions

When it comes to looking, you must be careful in making your decision. Your hair adds so much to your beauty. So, you must choose the right extension for them. Take a look at the following points before buying beaded weft hair extensions.

1. Must be made up of Real Human Hair

For long-lasting beauty, you must buy extensions made up of real human hair. The good case with human hair is that it can be restyled easily according to your choice. You can easily straighten, curl, or wash them according to your choice. So, if you are looking for the best-beaded weft hair extensions, your choice should be human hair extensions.

2. Choose the Length Wisely

Always choose the length that suits your face and what you can handle. Be conscious about your overall look and choose a good length when it comes to extensions. Also, before buying, check whether you can handle the long length or not. Choose the length according to your convenience.

3. Check the Material of the Beads

It is preferred to chose good quality silicon beads which can be reused later, but mostly it depends upon the brand of hair extensions. So must check the quality of beads before buying beaded weft hair extensions.

How to Take Care of Beaded Weft Hair Extensions?

Spending money on beaded weft hair extensions would just be spending in vain if you decide to be thrifty with hair care products. If you want your extensions to last longer, you have to maintain them in a proper manner. Here are some tips that will help you to take care of your beaded weft hair extensions.

1. Use Professional Care Products for Beaded Weft Hair Extensions

Use professional hair products that are best for your extensions. Some products can be good for your natural hair but not for your extensions. Such products have too much silicone which can cause your extensions to slip. So always opt for the best quality products.

Check this article before choosing a shampoo and conditioner for your extensions.

8 Best Shampoos and Conditioners for Hair Extensions 2020

2. Wash Them Carefully

Don’t wash your extensions like crazy! Do not crumple your extensions and remember to wash in one direction only! Extensions could get tangled and wet hair has a tendency to shrink and may slip from the rings. Thus, be gentle!

3. Dry Gently

Dry them gently in a careful manner. Deal with them carefully.

4. Tighten Them Well

Tightening is one of the major things to consider in maintenance. Tighten them well to prevent slipping.

Concluding Remarks

When it comes to our looks, we have to take extra care in making decisions. Whether we admit it or not, our outside appearance is a huge part of our personality and it plays a vital role in developing or breaking our confidence.

Spending on quality hair extensions and paying a little more attention to it will eventually pay off. Buying the best-beaded weft hair extensions can be a smart investment to enhance your looks and boost your confidence!

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